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D. R. Whimsiquill

Welcome to the enchanting, hilarious, and downright whimsical world of Drew Riley Whimsiquill!

About Drew

About Drew

Meet Drew Riley Whimsiquill, the madcap maestro of mirth and merriment!

Drew’s love for storytelling, fueled by a childhood spent exploring the wonders of nature, led to a passion for spinning tales that delight, inspire, and have young readers rolling on the floor with laughter. Crafting books for kids that not only entertain but also share valuable life lessons, Drew is fast becoming a favorite in children's literature.

When not concocting sidesplitting stories or curating books with meaningful life lessons for young readers, Drew can be found traveling, collecting stamps, and learning new skills. Oh, and did we mention Drew has a charming English white golden retriever as a sidekick? Together, they cook up wild adventures in the sunny Bay Area of California.

Two illustrators discussing an illustration.
Rosie Rumble from the book "Gigglesworth's Garden of Grins"
An illustration of a dragon

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