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A Creative Journey Through Obstacles

Doodlebug's Drawing Dilemma

Cover for the book "Doodlebug's Drawing Dilemma"

Join Doodlebug on a colorful adventure as she discovers the true power of creativity and imagination in "Doodlebug's Drawing Dilemma" When her beloved art supplies mysteriously vanish, Doodlebug won't let anything stop her from spreading joy through her fantastical drawings. With the help of her family, friends, and a magical brush, she learns to create art with everything from spaghetti noodles to pudding-covered toes! Watch as her town transforms into a vibrant wonderland of laughter and inspiration, proving that with a little ingenuity, anything is possible. This delightful tale will have you giggling and cheering as Doodlebug shows that the only limit to what you can create is your own imagination!

An illustration from the book "Doodlebug's Drawing Dilemma"

About the Book

Beautiful, Imaginative Illustrations

Lovingly illustrated in bright colors and with images that encourage imagination, wonder and smiles.

Thought Provoking Activities

Included are activities that provoke collaborations to help reinforce the lessons learned in the book. Designed to provoke intrinsic motivation in the kids as they remember the tale while participating in the activities.

Life Lesson: Importance of Creativity & Positivity

This story encourages children to think creatively, solve problems, and discover that the power to create lies within themselves. It’s a fun ride into a world where imagination has no limits.

Meet a few Characters from the Book

Illustrators discussing illustrations

Doodlebug's Drawing Dilemma


From pudding-painted pictures to noodle-drawn wonders, let Doodlebug show your child that creativity is everywhere and that imagination's power is truly boundless!

A fantastical crature inviting readers to buy the book.

Art, laughter, and lessons await! 

Available on Amazon and all major online stores

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