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Original Books with Original Line Art Illustrations for Coloring

Special Edition Series

Special Editions book bundle

Dive into the delightful tales of D.R. Whimsiquill with this Special Edition Series. Each book not only revisits the original vibrant narratives but also presents them in line art, inviting readers to add their personal touch. As young readers breathe color into these stories, they will re-experience the captivating life lessons and enthralling adventures that make them fall in love with the stories all over again. 


Every page becomes a canvas, turning each tale into a journey that touches both the heart and the art.

Each special edition book can be purchased separately.

An illustration from a recent book by D.R. Whimsiquill - "The Curious Case of the Backwards Clock"

About the Special Edition Books

Original Beautiful, Imaginative Illustrations

First half of the books contain the original book content of illustrations so the stories continue to encourage imagination, wonder and smiles.

Original Thought Provoking Activities

All original activities are included to provoke collaborations to help reinforce the lessons learned in the book. Designed to provoke intrinsic motivation in the kids as they remember the tale while participating in the activities.

Original Line Art Illustrations for Coloring

The second half of books contain Original Line art for a reader to color to ignite imagination and reinforce life lessons from the stories.

Some examples

Illustrators discussing illustrations.

Special Edition Series


Rediscover D.R. Whimsiquill's tales in color and line – a heartfelt canvas for young artists and dreamers!

Add your hue to Whimsiquill's tales and watch timeless stories come to life.

A fantastical cute creature inviting readers to buy the books.

Color, Learn, and Reconnect with Every Tale – Begin the Journey Now!

Available on Amazon.

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