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Curious about Drew Riley Whimsiquill?

In a town called Millbrae, in CA,

There's a fest for authors, a grand display!

Its coming soon, on September 16, Saturday.

Will you miss it, oh no way!

From 2 to 4:30 PM, oh what a spree,

With writers and readers, as happy as can be.

Now here's a riddle, a mystery thrill,

Who's the person behind D.R. Whimsiquill?

Is Drew a goat in a very tall hat?

Or maybe a sloth, or a fun-loving bat?

Is Drew a bird with a neat little tie?

Or perhaps a squirrel, with a hat reaching the sky?

Is Drew a fish that can fly and chat?

Or just a fluffy pillow on a polka-dot mat?

Is Drew a turtle, but not slow and flat?

Or a bouncy kangaroo, just imagine that!

Is Drew a lion, with a scarf so neat?

Or a giggling goose in shoes on her feet?

Come one, come all, to this fest so neat,

For a chance to meet Drew, now wouldn't that be sweet?

So if you're curious, and want to see,

Adventure in Millbrae to solve the mystery!

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