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My Creative Process

I thought it was time I shared some insights into my creative process. You might have noticed a bit of a pattern, like the rhythm to a rhyme, in how my books pop up. Well, there’s a method to this fun madness!

My creative cycle kicks off each Holiday season and into the new year. This is the most creative and happy time for me, with ideas coming to life like vibrant fireworks. I ride this wave of inspiration and craft a flurry of tales.

As spring gives way to the bright California summer, I share these stories with my talented team of illustrators. We collaborate on these bundles of imagination and begin the exciting journey of bringing them to life visually.

By mid-year, these magical tales are ready to bloom! As the illustrators finish their work, I start the publishing process. I feel like a gardener proudly displaying a fresh, vibrant bouquet of flowers.

And with a wealth of stories from my corporate days and earlier waiting to be told, you can expect a steady stream of fantastical tales coming your way.

Here’s to more adventures, more stories, and more fun!

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